Location: Heerenveen

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Located in the southern heart of the Dutch province of Friesland, Heerenveen is the worldwide known home to the most prestige Thialf Ice Skate stadium. This prestige position is further substantiated through the success of the local first league soccer club, SC Heerenveen, and home to Olympic medalist Sven Kramer. Next to being known for its wide variety of sports offerings, Heerenveen shows many features of the rich traditional history going back until 1551. In the 17th century a commercial center was established. With the establishment of the railway in the first half of the 20th century, Heerenveen grew increasingly popular due to its accessibility. The aforementioned historic buildings can be found all over the city; especially the silhouette of the Catholic Heilige Geestkerk is the prestige symbol of Heerenveen and should not be missed when visiting. Furthermore, the lovely city center invites visitors to take a stroll through its narrow streets and its various shops. Moreover, the city is an ideal place for nature lovers as the Oranjewoud is part of Heerenveen which offers great opportunities for taking long relaxing walks or cycling. In the west of Heerenveen friends of water sports find everything to satisfy their needs and wishes, ranging from typical Frisian canals to quiet lakes. Lastly, Heerenveen is cultural delight with a variety of museums attracting ten thousands of visitors annually – ranging from the intimate and authentic theater in the heart of the city to the different art galleries. No matter the season, explore the traditional Elfstedentocht – Dutch for 11 city tour – during freezing cold winters or during warm summer days. This 200km long route can be successfully mastered on ice skates, bikes or by foot as it is a wonderful change of paste from the exhausting everyday life. We warmly welcome all guests from far or new, no matter the occasion, to visit the beautiful and charming city of Heerenveen.