Ambassadors of FC schools

We have appointed Ambassadors for International  Contacts within the different  FC Schools. They are ready to give you more information about the international component of their courses and  to share their experience with foreign students. If you have course related questions or want to know anything specific to a particular course,  you could contact the relevant ambassador of that school.

Here below you can find  the contact information of them :

School for Technological studies

Ambassador : Jeroen Berntsen
jeroen techniek

School for commerce and  service

Ambassador :   Gerrit Mijkes
Gerrit commercie

School for adult Education

Ambassador: Bea Walma
bea-walma volwasseneducatie

D’Drive: School for creative industry and pedagogic

Ambassador: Rim Bleeker


CIOS: School for sports 

Ambassador: Ronald dan Heyer


School voor Zorg, Service & Welzijn

Ambassador: Alice La Roy
Phone: +31(088) 060 2818



School for life  sciences

Ambassador: Anneke Uitterdijk-de Vries