Our training programmes

Friesland College offers more than a hundred training programmes for vocational education and training (level 1 to 4), in the fields of:

  • Commerce & Services

  • Sports & Exercise

  • Creative industries & Pedagogical work

  • Nursing, health, welfare & social care

  • Engineering & Technology

  • Life Sciences

We also offer training programmes for adults from the age of 18 onwards. For example, second-chance secondary education, introductory courses for immigrants coming to the Netherlands, language and literacy courses at various levels.

Below is a list of all our training programmes for vocational education and training:


Commerce & Services

Assistent hotel and catering, food or food industry
worker, level 1
Host/Hostess, level 2
Gastronome/sommelier, level 4
Specialized cook, level 4
Cook, level 2
Manager/entrepreneur hotel and catering, level 4

Pastry cook, level 4
Baker, level 2
Skilled baker, level 3
Skilled host/hostess, level 3
Skilled cook, level 3

All-round beautician, level 4
Manager leisure & hospitality, level 4
Manager travel & hospitality, level 4
Aviation service provider, level 4
Beautician, level 3
Skilled worker travel & hospitality, level 3

Business administrator, level 4
Legal administrative worker, level 4
Management assistent/executive secretary, level 4
(Financial) administration worker, level 2
Human resource management ( HRM) officer, level 4
Marketing and communications officer, level 4
Secretariat and reception worker, level 2
Secretary, level 3

Assistant sales/retail worker, level 1
Commercial employee, level 3
Management retail trade, level 4
Entrepreneur retail trade, level 4
Sales advisor mobility sector, level 3
Sales specialist, level 3
Sales asistent, level 2
Branch manager wholesale business, level 4


Sports and exercise

Coordinator neighbourhood, education and sports, level 4
Coordinator sports and applied exercise, level 4
Coordinator sports, exercise and health, level 4
Coordinator sports, instruction, training and coaching, level 4
Sports and recreation worker, level 2
Sports and exercise attendant, level 3


Creative industries & Pedagogical work

Allround fashion/custom- made clothes worker, level 3
Basic fashion worker, level 2
Creative craftsman, level 4
Interior advisor, level 4
Product presentation worker, level 2
Rotation offset worker, level 4
Specialist fashion/custom-made clothes, level 4

Actor, level 4
Audio-visual specialist, level 4
Dancer, level 4
Event organisation officer, level 4
Stage and event technology worker, level 2
Artist – music performance, level 4
Stage and event technician, level 3
Stage and event technician –  sound, level 4

All-round desktop publishing, level 3
Application and media developer, level 4
ICT manager, level 4
ICT management assistant, level 3
ICT worker, level 2
Media designer, level 4
Network and media management, level 4

Specialized pedagogical carer, level 4
Teaching assistent, level 4
Specialized padagogical child carer, level 4


Nursing, health, welfare & social care

Skilled fast food service worker, level 3
Assistant service, level 1
Facility services worker, level 2
Fast food service worker, level 2
Personal care provider disability care, level 4

Personal care provider specific target groups, level 4
Socio-cultural worker, level 4
Social worker, level 4
Nurse, level 4
Personal health care provider, level 3


Engineering & Technology

All-round construction worker, level 3
All-round operational technician, level 4
All-round machinist, level 3
Assistent installation, level 1
Basic welder, level 2
Commercial technician engineering, level 4
Construction worker, level 2
Skilled mechanic electro technical installations, level 3
Skilled mechatronics mechanic, level 3
Skilled mechanic houses, level 3
Mechanic electro technical installations, level 2
Mechatronics mechanic, level 2
Mechanic mechanical installations, level 2
Technician engineering, level 4
Human technology technician, level 4
Technician mechatronic systems, level 4
Technical manager, level 4
Machinist, level 2

All-round bricklayer, level 3
All-round carpenter, level 3
All-round skilled worker maintenance and renovation company, level 3
Assistant construction, living and maintance worker, level 1
Journeyman painter, level 3
Glazier, level 2
Supervisor construction, level 4
Painter, level 2
Service worker buildings, level 2
Tiler, level 2
Carpenter, level 2
Supervisor construction/infrastructure, level 4

All-round furniture maker ( ships’) interior builder, level 3
All-round assembler industrial wood production, level 3
Furniture maker (ships’) interior builder, level 2
All-round assembler industrial wood production, level 2
Planner industrial wood production, level 4
Planner furniture industry (ships’) interior building

All-round mechanic mobile machinery, level 3
Assistant worker mobility sector, level 1
Car spray painter, level 2
Car mechanic, level 2
Commercial vehicle mechanic, level 2
Skilled car spray painter, level 3
Skilled car mechanic, level 3
Skilled commercial vehicle mechanic, level 3
Mechanic mobile machinery, level 2
Technician engineering, level 4
Technician mobile machinery, level 4
Technical manager, level 4
Technical specialist passenger cars, level 4

Assistant logistics worker, level 1
Transport driver, level 2
Manager team/department/project, level 4
Logistics worker, level 2
Logistics team leader, level 3
Manager transport and logistics, level 4


Life Sciences

Skilled food and technology worker, level 3
Food and technology expert, level 4
Food and quality expert, level 4
All-round laboratory technician, level 3
Physical chemistry analyst, level 4
Biological-medical analyst, level 4

Environment researcher / water manager, level 4

Operator, level 3 and 4
All-round operational technician, level 4
Physical chemistry analyst, level 4
Chemisch-fysisch analist, level 4