Tarina from Finland

I am an adult student from Finland, and I have been working in electronical industry for over 30 years. One day I thought that I could do something else and I applied to Turku Vocational Institute to start Social and Health care studies to become a practical nurse. In my second year I had a chance to do my six-weeks internship in Drachten, with help of Friesland College, and I just thought that it would be a great opportunity to see a little different point of view to this kind of job and studies. Strange country, language and new people made this very challenging, but I thought that if I can do this, I can do almost anything. 

The way of working was quite similar as in Finland, but In 
Neibertilla it was more client centered than in places I have worked in Finland. We have also homely places, but I still think that the way of working is more institutional in most places. Also, the Friesland College way of studying was a little different. 25 students in the same class at the same time doing different things is not very usual in our schools. But I saw only a little part of the schooldays, so I know there is also different kind of days. And Friesland Colleges regular practise day is a good way to keep up the skills and get new ones if necessary. We don’t have precisely same method in Finland. We show our skills at work if it is required by employer after we have graduated. We have to take examination only in medicine mathematics in every fifth year. After all, I found your country and its people very friendly and helpful and I enjoyed every minute of my internship. To me it was a lifetime experience and a chance to grow mentally and I can’t say anything else but THANK YOU ALL!